The Values and Virtues Necessary for Interfaith Cooperation

In striving for a free and virtuous society that unites good intentions and sound economics, substantial interfaith cooperation for the common good is an urgent moral necessity. Living peaceably with neighbors who see the world very differently and finding intersections of collaboration without compromising essential beliefs is of paramount importance in our polarized world. 

This lecture will offer insights on the shared values (axioms) and virtues (ethical sensibilities) needed for cooperation that accomplishes good for the world beyond dialogue that makes participants feel good about themselves. We will discover ways forward that do not homogenize philosophical and religious beliefs or hinder missionary efforts germane to some religions. We will discover insights for mutual love and respect, as well as wisdom for helping neighbors and nations flourish. 

Dr. Self has substantial experience with interfaith conversations, especially from work in media in the San Francisco area, including dialogues with Apple, in university settings, and during community events. 

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