Fighting the Leviathan from Within

Day 4
Session 11
5:05 PM

This year's lecture will focus on the authoritarianism rising in Brazil. Illegal and politically motivated search and arrest warrants orders issued by Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) Justices against business people, politicians, journalists, and comedians on the right; Censorship ordered by the Electoral Court during and after the last presidential and general elections (2022) imposed on media outlets and politicians who dared to reveal the dark past of socialist candidate Lula da Silva; unconstitutional imprisonments and due process denial to thousands of Brazilians who are suspected (many without any evidence) of having participated in the January 8th events in Brasília: these are just a few examples of the abuses Brazilians presently face, challenging the country's democracy, the rule of law and constitutional rights and freedoms. How and why did the Leviathan grow so prominent in the past years, especially in the Judiciary branch, and what is it in Brazilians' hands to fight and defeat it?

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