Marcel van Hattem

Federal Representative
State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brasília

Marcel van Hattem, 33, is a Brazilian politician, journalist and political scientist, whom has been elected federal representative of the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brasília. He received 349.855 votes last October, what makes him the most voted candidate for Congress in his state and the seventh most voted in Brazil. Marcel was chosen leader of his Party, called Partido NOVO and, with other seven Deputies of NOVO, he will debut a new era of politics in Congress, when liberalism and the respect of the rule of law will be above of any other political interests. Marcel also held the position of city councillor in his hometown Dois Irmãos, Brazil (2005-2008) and the position of state representative at the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul (2015-2018). In foreign affairs, van Hattem was adviser for international relations and economy at the Brazilian National Chamber of Deputies (2009-2011), and he also worked as a consultant for “Argumento - Leadership Expression Consultants” (co-founder, 2011), a consulting business which promotes cross-cultural communication and international relations. Van Hattem holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from universities in Brazil, the Netherlands, and Denmark. He has participated in academic and professional training programs around the world, such as the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program of Georgetown University (Washington, D.C., 2009) and the "Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management" seminar at the Internationale Akademie für Führungskräfte Theodor-Heuss of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany, 2012). He is Alumni of Acton University since 2012 and faculty member for the second year. Van Hattem has been invited as lecturer for events in both Brazil and abroad. Most recently he spoke at Havard & MIT's Brazil Conference (2018-2019).

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