CORE: Christian Vision of a Free Government

Day 2
Session 4
5:05 PM

To be free and flourishing, a society needs (1) the rule of law and (2) freedom. A free and flourishing people must be obligated in law not to wrong each other and must also have liberty of choice and action to decide for themselves what is to be done. The purpose of government is to secure those two conditions. Right away we run into a problem. The dominant view today is that the rule of law and freedom are in opposition to each other in a zero-sum contest. The more law a society has, the less freedom, and vice versa. But the Christian conception of government does not require us to choose between the rule of law and freedom. It allows us to have both. It enables us first to govern ourselves and then to order the communities of which we are part.

Recommended Readings

Genesis 1 & 2

Thomas Aquinas, Treatise on Law

Adam J. MacLeod, "Our Universal and Particular Constitution," Public Discourse (October 4, 2018) (

Adam J. MacLeod, "Where Do Our Rights Come From?," Starting Points Journal (October 22, 2018) (

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