Kevin Vallier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Bowling Green State University

Kevin Vallier is an associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University, where he directs their program in philosophy, politics, economics, and law. Vallier’s interests lie primarily in political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). He is the author of four monographs, five edited volumes, and over fifty peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles. His books include Liberal Politics and Public Faith: Beyond Separation (Routledge 2014), Must Politics Be War? Restoring Our Trust in the Open Society (Oxford UP 2019), and Trust in a Polarized Age (Oxford UP 2020). His next book addresses religious anti-liberalisms like Catholic integralism. The book, All the Kingdoms of the World: On Radical Religious Alternatives to Liberalism, publishes with Oxford University Press in September.

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