People: Africa's Most Valuable Resource

Day 1
Session 4
3:45 PM

In the 21st Century Africa is the one continent that has every country within it designated as “developing”. This has made development one of the most obvious themes of the African discourse and the most important objective of every African government. In all these discussions, many solutions are proffered by the international community and many resources put into these solutions (which are sometimes harmful rather than helpful), but the one precious and important resource that Africa already has that can be the real foundation and driving force for development is the people of Africa - their culture of life, their resilience in the midst of difficulties and their persevering faith.


  • The Current Situation of Africa
  • The International Community and their problematic approach to their “Africa Project”
  • Cultural Imperialism and Ideological Neo-colonialism in African discussions
  • The People of Africa-Africa’s most important resource and most sustainable driving force for development "

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