Lord Acton, Liberty, Conscience, and the Social Order

Day 2
Session 3
3:20 PM

This lecture is an introduction to the life of Lord Acton, his major ideas, and how his legacy continues to inform the work of the Acton Institute and those in the broader liberty movement. It will address the relationship between his method as a historian, his commitment to freedom as a politician, and his devotion of conscience as a Christian. We will consider Acton's beliefs on the importance of ideas, freedom, virtue, religion, and economics.


Recommended Readings


  • Popular and riveting: Lord Acton: A Study in Conscience and Politics by Gertrude Himmelfarb
  • Academic and exhaustive: Lord Acton by Roland Hill

Two Accessible Lectures: History of Freedom edited by Jim Holland

Essential Writings: Lord Acton: Historical and Moral Essays edited by Daniel J. Hugger

Collected Writings: Selected Writings of Lord Acton (3 Vols.) edited by J. Rufus Fears

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