East Meets West: Consumerism & Asceticism

Day 4
Session 11
3:20 PM

Consumerism and asceticism represent two different moral visions for our economic life. While it might be more clearly seen in a particular economic system, in a fallen world consumerism is a common human temptation. As for asceticism, it isn’t a gloomy denial of the good things of life but a formation in Christian joy. So what can economics and Christian asceticism tell us about being a virtuous consumer?


Recommended Readings

Moscow Patriarchiate (2000), Basis of the Social Concept of the Orthodox Church VI-VIIhttps://mospat.ru/en/documents/social-concepts/

Archpriest Georges Florovsky, "The Ascetic Ideal and the New Testament: Reflections on the Critique of the Theology of the Reformation": http://www.romanity.org/htm/flo.01.en.the_ascetic_ideal_and_the_new_testament.01.htm 

Gregory Jensen, "Black balloons for the lost orphans": https://acton.org/pub/longform/2018/10/12/black-balloons-lost-orphans

Gregory Jensen, Cure for Consumerismhttps://www.amazon.com/Consumerism-Orthodox-Christian-Social-Thought-ebook/dp/B00XJLK2D2

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