CORE: Economic Way of Thinking

Day 2
Session 3
3:20 PM

The economic way of thinking provides a framework for how we understand human action. Economics is the study of how finite and fallen human beings make decisions under conditions of scarcity and uncertainty. It makes assumptions about the calculus of choice which are grounded in anthropological truths: human dignity, reason, self-interest, human creativity, and the need for human cooperation and sociality. From there we can ask the essential questions about how we cultivate greater human flourishing and economics can guide us through the necessary institutional framework which supports both virtue and freedom.

Recommended Readings

"How the World Became Rich" Mark Koyama and Jared Rubin

"Basic Economics" by Thomas Sowell

"Economics in One Lesson" Henry Hazlitt

"I, Pencil" Leonard Read

"Factfulness" Hans Rosling

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