Acton University 2017: June 20 – 23

What Makes Acton University Unique?

Faith & Free Market Economics

Grand Rapids - Beer City USA - Top 10 City!

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Acton University: the Best-Minds and Best-Content... all in One Place

The battle to defend religious liberty, and the desire to carry out a free-market based economic system has never been more important.  In the end, ideas matter.  Ideas win battles, and the best ideas will be taught and obtained at Acton University 2016.  Your intellect and worldview will be sharpened and prepared by the most unique learning environment in the liberty and free-market movement.  Acton brings to one location, 80 of the best minds, the world's leading thinkers and teachers in economics, philosophy, theology, development, business and intellectual history.  Combined with this distinguished faculty, we add over 121 courses of the best content available taught by a veritable 'who's-who' of teachers.

Finally, the world comes to Acton Univeristy.  People from over 70+ countries around the globe will  attend, with 27% of our participants coming to AU from nations around the world.   Friendships, networks, collaberation, and lifelong partnerships begin at Acton University, but they don't end there.

To summarize:  The content, faculty, and international networking at Acton University simply cannot be matched anywhere else.

So why Acton University?

At AU, you’ll find an incredible gathering of diverse, talented leaders: twenty-somethings, graduate students, professors, pastors, seminarians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, spouses, and retired octogenarians. Participants from around the globe: Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America… over 70+ nations;  a beautiful snapshot of humanity drawn from a myriad of classic faith traditions: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelical, Jewish… everyone enjoying the common bond of liberty, freedom and the dignity and worth of the human person.

AU offers an education that most wish they had, and yet, probably never received. It provides world class scholars, experts in their fields: economists, theologians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, historians – over 80 faculty from the finest universities and think-tanks around the world. You’ll not only engage in stimulating lectures, but will also have the added bonus of casual conversations with teachers over coffee, lunch, and dinner. Imagine this kind of one-on-one access to some of the best economic, development and business leaders in the world.

Previous plenaries included: Andy Crouch, Samuel Gregg, Rev. Robert Sirico, Joel Salatin, Gregory Thornbury, Andrew Napolitano, Makoto Fujimura, Marina Nemat...  In 2016 we are pleased to announce our plenary speakers:  William Allen, Rev. Robert Sirico, Vernon Smith, and Magatte Wade.

At AU you’ll learn in lecture rooms, but perhaps even more importantly, at the dinner table, at lunch, and well into the evening when a glass of wine and the setting sun provides the backdrop for yet another classroom. Our AU ‘campus’ at DeVos Place provides it all: lodging within walking distance, satisfying food, beverages – and best of all – an electric atmosphere created by people who envision a better world that flourishes through virtue and sound economics.

Like good stew,  AU brings into one mixing pot intellectual substance and rich cultural diversity: multiple faith traditions, a myriad of ethnicities and academic disciplines, young and old. AU creates a place, a rich learning environment, that unites us around the ideas that matter most in life, a common commitment to the flourishing effect of a society that defends the ideas of liberty, freedom and the worth and dignity of every human person.

What Past Attendees are Saying

"While I was at Acton [University], I had a sense of purpose. I felt like I was meant to make a difference in the world: not a ripple, but a splash."

Keegan, 2014 attendee

Tyler and Maria

Fr. Geoffrey and Nathan

Daniel and Lauren