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Thank you for a great AU 2018! - Acton University 2019: June 18 - 21

James Bruce, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy, John Brown University

James Bruce, Ph.D., educated at Dartmouth, Oxford, and Baylor, is associate professor of philosophy at John Brown University. He writes and thinks at the intersection of philosophy, theology, politics, and economics.

His first book, Rights in the Law: The Importance of God’s Free Choices in the Thought of Francis Turretin, explores the relationship between God and morality. Currently at work on a new book exploring Christianity and equality (and occasionally blogging about it), Jay has become convinced that certain beliefs about justice, informed by equality, undermine the Christian faith.

In addition to his scholarly writing, Bruce wrote on religion for WORLD magazine for two years, and he continues to write on a variety of topics for Acton Commentary, Law and Liberty, The Gospel Coalition, and The Wall Street Journal.

James Bruce