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Thank you for a great AU 2018! - Acton University 2019: June 18 - 21

Is AU Right For You?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I connect good intentions with sound economic principles?” then Acton University is the perfect place for you to begin a lifelong journey of obtaining knowledge and skills regarding liberty, faith, virtue and free-market economics.

What is Acton University?

  • Four days that integrate sound economics, business, philosophy, theology, and intellectual history
  • A customized learning plan that you create: featuring over 120 courses taught by over 80 experts: an international, world class faculty
  • An exploration of the intellectual foundations of freedom, and respect for the dignity and value of the human person
  • A place to learn about the classical foundations of economics, philosophy, theology, liberty and how they apply to our culture today
  • A unique educational experience enabling you to lead with a greater understanding of the intersection of liberty and morality
  • An international, ecumenical network of attendees helping you to apply your knowledge in shaping culture towards a free and virtuous society

Who attends Acton University?

  • In 2017, over 1000 participants representing 70+ countries, from many faith traditions
  • Undergraduate students and graduate students studying religion, theology, economics, political science, business, philosophy, or history
  • Faith-based leaders: pastors, priests, seminarians, church staff, and congregational lay leaders
  • Nonprofit and Development leaders from secular, political, governmental, and faith-based backgrounds
  • Business and Economic leaders, teachers, and students
  • Entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and those who aspire to be
  • Academics: professors, doctoral candidates, and university support staff
  • Finally, everyday citizens who want to obtain a better understanding of religion, liberty, and sound economic principles