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Is AU Right For You?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I connect good intentions with sound economic principles?” then Acton University is the perfect place for you to begin a lifelong journey of obtaining knowledge and skills regarding liberty, faith, virtue and free-market economics.

What is Acton University?

  • Four days that integrate sound economics, business, philosophy, theology, and intellectual history
  • A customized learning plan that you create: featuring over 120 courses taught by over 80 experts: an international, world class faculty
  • An exploration of the intellectual foundations of freedom, and respect for the dignity and value of the human person
  • A place to learn about the classical foundations of economics, philosophy, theology, liberty and how they apply to our culture today
  • A unique educational experience enabling you to lead with a greater understanding of the intersection of liberty and morality
  • An international, ecumenical network of attendees helping you to apply your knowledge in shaping culture towards a free and virtuous society

Who attends Acton University?

  • In 2016, over 1000 participants representing 75+ countries, from many faith traditions
  • Undergraduate students and graduate students studying religion, theology, economics, political science, business, philosophy, history
  • Faith-based leaders: pastors, priests, seminarians, church staff, and congregational lay leaders
  • Nonprofit and Development leaders from secular, political, governmental and faith-based backgrounds
  • Business and Economic leaders, teachers and students
  • Entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and those who aspire to be
  • Academics: professors, doctoral candidates and university support staff
  • Finally, everyday citizens who want to obtain a better understanding of religion, liberty and sound economic principles

Registration opens early December 2016

The Acton University experience begins when you register and submit your application. This process takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

Visit our "How to Register" page for more details.

Why Acton University?

What do Alumni say about Acton University?

Where is AU?

Grand Rapids, Michigan at the DeVos place.


Visit the costs page to view conference costs. Final cost depends on your status as a student or non-student and your hotel needs.


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