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Thank you for a great AU 2018! - Acton University 2019: June 18 - 21


  • "I had a great time at Acton University! It was a nice experience, and I think it's necessary to promote a free and religious society."

    Paula El-Jaouhari, 2008

  • "The precious and invaluable opportunity to attend, learn, discuss, and exchange ideas with so many people from various professional and Christian backgrounds at Acton University allowed me to be challenged both intellectually and spiritually."

    Jorge Smith, 2008

  • "Acton University is by far the best academic experience I've had."

    Karen Cancinos, 2011

  • "I haven't stopped talking about the classes I participated in and the people I met.  Acton University was truly an experience that I will never forget."

    Raymond Reuter, 2006

  • "Acton University was a life changing experience."

    Garreth Bloor, 2006

  • "I was so impressed with the quality of speakers, the depth of thought, and the diversity of experience among the attendees at Acton University!"

    Christian Henderson, 2008

  • Acton University is a great place to meet people around the world who are eager to defend freedom as well as the Christian faith.

    -Emmanuel Asguet, 2006

  • "Acton University was an unforgettable experience. I learned so much through conversations, debates with others, and many insightful lectures."

    Maureen Bielinksi, 2010

  • "Not only was the instruction and content at Acton University excellent, the staff did a fantastic job organizing the entire event."

    Hugh Whelchel, 2011

  • “It was a very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating week at Acton. It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many people from so many backgrounds from all over the world.”

    - Scott Wilson, 2007 participant

  • "Acton University was deeply life impacting for me and has greatly affected my desire to learn more and prepare to engage the culture with Acton's principles."

    Kathryn Allen, 2006

  • "I had an absolutely wonderful time and would not hesitate to label Acton University one of the greatest experiences that I have had."

    Andrew Charnesky, 2010

  • "Acton University truly changed my life and further narrowed the direction of where I am going in my life and calling."

    Simone Rizkallah, 2009

  • "Acton University was a foundational experience for what I hope will be a life of living out virtue in the context of liberty."

    Ben Daxon, 2008

  • "I feel that, besides enriching my personal life, Acton University will enhance my business goals and teaching objectives."

    Paul Keough, 2010

  • "Acton University gathered believers and workers from all over the world to share ideas and visions of development, not only in a material sense, but human and spiritual, which is the basis of a peaceful and free society."

    Manuel Nino, 2008

  • "Acton University caused me to reflect on my life in new ways because I see my  motivations in business are very much compatible with what motivates the Acton Institute."

    Frank Moore, 2009

  • "I express my sincerest appreciation to the Acton Institute for making it possible for me to participate in Acton University, a spirit-filled and enriched conference."

    Kwesi DeRoy, 2011

  • "The combination of networking, faith and reason was perfect at Acton University."

    Allegra Hewell, 2011

  • "Acton University brought home to me that it is quite possible to 'do business' in a morally praiseworthy fashion."

    Mark Pestana, 2008

  • "Acton University is the best seminar I have attended: it was highly professional, had excellent speakers, deep thoughts, but was also warm and accessible."

    Marcos Ohlsson, 2010

  • "It was a true pleasure to attend Acton University. It was a superb and high standard international conference."

    Juan Jose Ramirez Ochoa, 2007

  • "Acton University was thought provoking, instructional and transformational."

    Dean Nelson, 2009

  • "I found Acton University intellectually stimulating, and I cherished the opportunity to do some networking."

    Felisi Sorgwe, 2009

  • "Acton University was a very informative and outstanding experience, the memory of which I will treasure for a great many years to come."

    - Stephen Matusak, 2007