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Thank you for a great AU 2018! - Acton University 2019: June 18 - 21

W. Jay Moon, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Office of Faith, Work, and Economics at Asbury Theological Seminary

Jay Moon and his family were SIM missionaries for 13 years focusing on church planting and water development in Ghana, West Africa. He teaches a wide range of courses on church planting, discipleship, evangelism, and social entrepreneurship. As co-director of the Office of Faith, Work, and Economics, he integrates his M.B.A. background with church planting and evangelism. He has published three books and edited five books. The most recent book is Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation.

Moon received his Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2005, and was a professor at Sioux Falls Seminary for eight years prior to returning to Wilmore. He has been a keynote speaker for numerous seminars and conferences focusing on missions, church planting, evangelism, and social entrepreneurship. Besides his African experience, Jay has been involved in numerous innovative missional enterprises, including ministries to First Nations people, urban “at risk” neighborhoods, social entrepreneurships, and local church-plants.

W. Jay Moon