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Art and Beauty: The Neglected Battle

Session 5 - Thursday, June 22 -
9:00 AM to 10:20 AM

Intermediate Course

It is often argued, even by those who want a culture of beauty, that beauty is neglected because it has no utility. In fact when one begins with a right anthropology and takes into account man's spiritual needs as well as his material needs, then we can see that it does have a purpose and without a culture of beauty the prospects of true human flourishing are greatly diminished. Furthermore, because the spiritual and the material cannot be separated, beauty is a signpost that directs us to the route of a superabundant and properous life by any measure, including the economic. Building on this, Clayton argues for the necessity for the development of a culture of beauty; and by drawing on the lessons of history, points to how we might achieve it today.

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