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ALUM The Inspiration of the Declaration: What Calvin Coolidge's Views on Government and Faith Tell Us Today

Session 4 - Wednesday, June 21 - 3:45 PM to 5:05 PM

Introductory Course

Today many argue it is time to cut government back. But we don't always ask:  "what for?" America’s thirtieth president, Calvin Coolidge, offered an answer: we restrain government to leave room not only for liberty, but also what Coolidge called "things of the spirit." In a July 1926 speech honoring the Sesquicentennial of the Declaration of Independence, Coolidge explained how "Faith" had a place in the constitutional order envisaged by America’s founders. This lecture explores how a meticulous constitutionalist explained the importance of faith in a free society and what Coolidge’s message means for us today.

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Presidential Scholar, The King's College

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