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The Preacher-Entrepreneur that Built a Nation

Session 9 - Friday, June 23 -
10:45 AM to 12:05 PM

Intermediate Course

Hans Nielsen Hauge (1871-1924) was a Norwegian preacher and serial-entrepreneur, described by historians as one of two key figures in transforming the country into modernity in the 19th century. Teaching simple farmers and fishermen to gather in homes to read the Bible for themselves in addition to co-funding approximately 150 companies in a period of only five years, he spurred a movement that empowered the poor and little by little reorganized society. In his wake, businesses, political parties, hospitals, schools and NGOs were established from village to fjord, leaving a lasting imprint on both institutional and cultural development in a whole country. What can the case study of the Haugean movement in Norway 200 years ago teach us today?

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